Learn the striking-based self-defence and competition kickboxing system, ideal for all levels of experience.

Marksman Kickboxing

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the most popular martial arts incorporating Western boxing with the best techniques of martial arts.

Kickboxing is suitable for Adults and Children, both male and female. Classes to suit all ages from 5 and above.

Benefits of kickboxing

Develops anaerobic and aerobic fitness — in other words, power and staying power. Kickboxing also improves your coordination, agility, and balance. Most classes build muscle strength, too. The drills require some fancy footwork and arm work. Anyone looking for a killer workout with plenty of variety.

What to wear?

The usual aerobic clothing will do,such as jogging bottoms or shorts, and t-shirt. although kickboxing shorts and club tee shirt will be required, and your own boxing gloves, shin/foot pads.

Tips for first-timers: Pay attention to how you feel. Don’t give up. Kickboxing will get easier.

Ability to keep oneself safe, fitness improvement and increased confidence just three possible benefits, kickboxing uses the belt grading system and offers one-on-one sparring to students.

Sound good?

Well here's a bit more information

You should wear loose clothing, also a bottle of water and towel.

Each class has a different structure to meet demand, ranging from self-defence and fitness to full contact fighting. Quite frequently students will work in a pair.

Yes, all training equipment is supplied, even some personal protection equipment such as gloves. After several lessons you will be expected to invest in your own kit which can be supplied by the club.

After Two weeks we encourage our students to obtain a license to protect yourself and others.

We teach students with no experience in the same class as fighting standard students, who can then share their experience and knowledge.

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